Charity Readings at Sheboygan Spirit Fair


I’ll be at the Sheboygan Spirit Fair this Saturday (10am – 5pm) doing Tarot Card readings 🙂  All monies I make doing readings will go towards Deeply Rooted, an intentional Pagan community near Athens, WI.

Where: Windjammer Banquet Hall (at Lakeshore Lanes) 2519 S. Business Dr. Sheboygan
When: Saturday, November 7, 2015 10am-5pm
Admission: Free
Reading Cost: $1/minute, 15 minute minimum

Happy New Year!

oshozencardsHope everyone had a great Holiday and New Year!  It’s been a busy year in the Frampton household.  Now that we’re into the winter months (and it’s darned chilly out there too!), I hope to restart my occasional Free Reading Weeks.  It’s the perfect time to look inward and work on those things that are often ignored or neglected when we’re in the throws of modern life. 🙂

So if you’re looking for some insight, keep an eye out for the Free Reading Weeks!

Free Readings Week #4 – Maria

Q: Please focus on Mom, who we’ve been taking care of (advanced dementia).

mariaHmm, I’m not entirely sure how they want to me read this, but it feels like I’m supposed to read it from your Mom’s perspective, so I’m gonna go with it…

When I see these cards, I get the feeling like I’m witnessing things going on around me from a position other than in my body.  Does that make sense?  I feel like a spectator to the interactions with me, that it’s not really “me” in the body responding to things around me, like I’m really sitting invisibly next to my body watching everything.  I can understand everything going on around me, but have no way to communicate that.  There’s a disconnect between the body and mind/spirit (guess that might make sense with dementia).  The things that I notice most are the loving, caring people around me.  I like it when people interact with me like nothing is wrong, and we’re just two people having a chat and enjoying each other’s company.  I know that’s not really what it is, but it makes me happy to view things that way.  I don’t feel any pain, just kinda like I’m watching a really good movie 🙂

Not sure how much sense all that makes.  Can’t say I’ve ever had a reading come in that way before. 🙂


Free Readings Week #4 – Kelsey

Q: General Reading

kelseyIt seems you’re in a time of spiritual growth that is allowing you the opportunity to be more open and free with your spirituality.  Enjoy it! 🙂  It’s an opportunity to gain maturity and knowledge without the pain or suffering that often comes with deep spiritual/emotional lessons.  Perhaps the lesson is simply the acknowledgement that it is possible to learn a grow through happiness and fun alone 🙂

Free Reading Week #3 – Bonnie

Q: General Reading

Free Reading Week BonnieIt feels like you’re in a place where some hopes and dreams for the future have been put on hold, and you’re starting to question whether they’re achievable.  These dreams are still possible, there are just a couple of “road blocks” that you need to work through.  When life throws up walls between us and our goals, it’s usually Spirit’s way of telling us we need to focus our energies elsewhere for a bit.

Spirit seems to want you to turn your attention inward for a while, paying attention to your inner voices and gut feelings.  It feels like you’ve been in a “head space” for a while, and haven’t been paying attention to your intuition.  There’s information for you there that can help you move forward.  Meditation or Journeying are great ways to connect with our inner selves and get that information that Spirit wants to share with us.  Dreams are also a way Spirit likes to communicate with us.

I also feel that at least one person that is involved in this dream making process is taken back by your intensity on the subject (who isn’t intense when they’re following their hopes and dreams?), and is causing them to be a bit standoff-ish thus causing delays.  If this makes sense to you, it might be wise to tone things back a little, or have a chat with them to work through the uneasiness so things can move forward again.

Free Reading Week #3 – Patti

Q: General Reading

Patti's Weekly Free ReadingIt seems you’ve spent a good chunk of the last several months or more putting energy into healing others, so much so that it’s taking a toll on your own health and physical/mental well-being.  You know how on airplanes the flight attendant will say “Always secure your mask before helping others.”.  It’s time for you to slow down and secure your mask.  We can’t take care of others to our best abilities if we’re sacrificing ourselves in the process.  Time for a breather 🙂  Take a step back, pay attention and attend to your needs, even if that means sometimes saying “I’m sorry, but I can’t right now.” to people.


Free Readings Week #3 – Jill

Q: I’m just wanting to know what my next steps will be.  My life has changed since Richard passed and I am sort of stuck in neutral…

jillIt’s not so much that you’re stuck in neutral, but more like you haven’t consciously given yourself permission to move on yet.  You want to move forward, you feel like you should be moving forward, others are telling you to move forward (which btw is not up to them, so don’t let them pressure you) but at the same time there’s that anchor that keeps you solid in one place.  I feel a stubbornness here, like there’s a strong but quiet part of your subconscious that just says “Nope, not gonna do it.  I’m waiting for something and it’s not here yet.”

Have you been waiting for some sort of sign from Richard to let you know he’s still with you?  Because there’s a resounding “YES!” here.  He’s just fine, hon.  Did you two discuss communicating after his death when he was still alive?  I see, and hopefully this makes more sense to you than it does to me, but I see him chucking an heirloom tomato at your head.  He makes it clear it’s not just any tomato, it’s an *heirloom* tomato.  It feels like he has been giving you signs, and you’ve even acknowledged some of them, but they haven’t been as exact or grandiose as you discussed or hoped for, so you don’t fully allow yourself to believe it’s really him.  And also there’s still that stubbornness thing, where if you do allow yourself to fully acknowledge, then you will have to also fully acknowledge that he’s really moved on, and part of you is still struggling with that…

Generally spirits signs are subtile, something familiar and obvious that lets gives us that undeniable feeling that someone specific is near.  It feels like it simply isn’t in his capacity to chuck a tomato at your head, if you know what I mean.  I see him sitting in an easy chair, looking at you with his head cocked to one side and saying “What are you waiting for, woman?”.

It feels like there are things you are interested in pursuing, but you feel it might be “disloyal” to or “abandoning” your life together, does that make sense to you?  Because he’s telling me “Go for it!”.  He wants you to be happy and live your life to it’s fullest.  He says “You’re free, go fly Chic-a-dee!”.

Well, this has been interesting, I think for the first time I’ve actually channeled a spirit that’s crossed over.  That’s new… 🙂  Hope that this has been helpful!

Free Reading Week #3 – Sherri

Q: General Reading since there is a bit going on right now.

sherriThe cards show me a progression starting from a time of quiet and little excitement (a few months ago), to suddenly having all kinds of things going on at once.  I don’t feel like the things you have currently going on are overwhelming or stressful.  I see you more a bit “taken back” by the whole suddenness (is that a word?) of it all, and not anything you can’t handle.   You’re busy, for sure, but it’s a good busy, helping to lead you towards some new life changes and perceptions.  I don’t feel anything negative around this, it feels like a natural progression in life, just the process of experiencing, learning and growing.

I feel like you have feelings of something negative around this, but I’m not getting that.  You feel like someone that likes to have order in your life, and all this activity at once feels chaotic to you.  A vast amount of it is out of your direct control, but is still influenced by you, if that makes sense.  Time to allow yourself to “ride the wave” for a bit and see where it takes you.  I think you’ll find it easier to process if you let loose of the reigns a little 🙂