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Sound Meditation

Find inner harmony with Mystic Harmonies

What We Do

Mystic Harmonies is an LA-based sound meditation offering led by certified sound facilitator, Jackson Englund. Jackson is dedicated to tailoring each client experience. With an attuned sensitivity to each individual's unique needs in collaboration with the innate wisdom of the body, Jackson navigates the session to effectively guide you towards the profound journey of healing that resides within us all.

Throughout the session Jackson uses a curated selection of instruments such as tuning forks, antique Tibetan bowls, resonant gong, swing chimes, koshi chimes, and the enchanting Sansula. This therapeutic orchestration is masterfully harmonized with transparent and meaningful discourse, fostering an environment of unwavering security and profound regard.

By harnessing the power of deliberate dialogue and an atmosphere of open exchange, Jackson is committed to ensuring the employment of precisely suitable instruments and methodologies. This deliberate curation engenders the optimal conditions wherein the process of healing can organically unfold.

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How Sound Has Healed Our Clients


These are the voices of those who have experienced the incredible benefits of sound meditation with Mystic Harmonies. Watch our testimonials here


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