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What we do

Our session commences with a brief introduction to the transformative realm of sound meditation, accompanied by insights that will help you enhance its effects.


We use Holotropic breath work to connect mind and body and release stagnant energy. We then flow into a sequence of overtonal instruments, each instrument is like a paint brush contributing a unique ethos to your internal experience.


As this journey culminates, a moment of reflection emerges, allowing you to integrate the profound insights gained into the intricate tapestry of your everyday life.


In our role as certified Sound Facilitators, we are devoted to meticulously tailoring each client's experience. Our approach involves a finely tuned sensitivity to your unique individuality, and in collaboration with the innate wisdom of the body, we navigate the session to effectively guide you towards the profound journey of self-discovery and realization that resides within us all.


​Throughout our sessions, a thoughtfully curated array of instruments such as Tuning Forks, antique Tibetan Bowls, the resonant Gong, the soothing tones of Swing Chimes, the delicate melody of Koshi Chimes, and the enchanting Sansula, may be employed based on your distinct requirements.  This therapeutic orchestration is expertly harmonized with transparent and meaningful dialogue, cultivating an environment of unwavering security and deep reverence.


By harnessing the potency of purposeful conversation and fostering an atmosphere of open exchange, we are steadfastly committed to utilizing precisely tailored instruments and methodologies. This purposeful curation creates the ideal conditions in which the process of discovery and self-realization can organically unfold.

No meditation is the same...

Studio Location

We offer 1:1 services in the comfort of your own home or in our studio. The studio we offer for the the 1:1 or group booking is located in beautiful Laurel Canyon surrounded by nature and tranquility. The exact address will be provided upon booking for privacy and safety reasons. Your protection is our priority. There is no private parking available but you may find street parking in the area. 

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