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Jackson Englund

Sound Facilitator

Throughout his life, Jackson has pursued his passion for music professionally, working as a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, song-writer, DJ, music producer, and event producer. He believes in combining sound and encounters to elevate the spectators' engagement with the environment in which the sound is received. 

In the fall of 2022, Jackson and his father Morgan went to upstate New York to study Sound Meditation with Alexandre Tannouse and David Shamesh, which led Jackson to uncover his passion for aiding others through their own experience. The combination of Jackson's musical background, his fondness for creating unique experiences and his passion for facilitating others make his practice a unique and impactful space for self-discovery and growth. 

He views similarities between hosting parties and Sound Meditations as they both bring people together to seek connection. The key distinction is that Sound Meditations concentrate on inward contemplation, offering a space for individuals to process & find harmony within themselves. Jackson and his father have now come together to create an organization that provides a safe and supportive environment for people to heal through sound and meditation. He has faith that providing this service will contribute to creating a harmonious world of understanding and connectivity.

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